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The Mixed is an education and information league that includes a mandatory pre-game instructional lesson, given by qualified experienced curlers, followed by games where the particular skills can be practiced. The emphasis of the league is on the improvement of the skill levels of those participating.

Mixed teams are ideally evenly composed of male and female curlers. The Mixed plays a divisional ladder format on Friday evenings and during the daytime on Sundays. The Mixed league ladder champions are awarded the Unwin Trophy.

The Ken Kan Cup is a Mixed post-season event, which involves a limited round robin with point totals being the deciding factor.

The Red vs. Blue is meant to fill some quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s and allow members to get together in a relaxed atmosphere with some friendly rivalry.

The Mixed Green Salad Bowl is a one-draw event that gives all “Greens” (not just those from the Mixed) an opportunity to play at all positions on a team, by rotating team position every two ends. There is a limit of 24 players. Second year curlers are welcome, space permitting.

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