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Ruth McFarland and Bob Rondeau are the PCCC Club Historians
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* The following history reflects corrections to some text that appeared in previous rosters.


Curling began in Pointe Claire during the year 1918 on the ice of Lake St. Louis in the bay at the foot of Brunet Avenue. Keeping the ice clear of snow proved to be too onerous, and so in 1919 the game was moved to the quarry on Cartier Avenue, where it remained during the years 1920 and 1921. Irons had been borrowed from the Montreal Thistle Curling Club.

October 29, 1921 – A group of 24 sportsmen met in the old frame schoolhouse on Cedar Avenue and founded the Pointe Claire Curling Club. Soon thereafter, the signatures of 65 original club members were obtained. S.H. (Sam) Ward was elected as first President. The Pointe Claire Curling Club was admitted to the Canadian Branch of the Royal Caledonia Curling Club on November 28, 1921.

February 28, 1922 – A "highly sociable" evening formally opened the new 2-storey, 2-sheet clubhouse on the corner of Cartier Avenue and Lakeshore Road, designed and built in less than three months at a cost of $3,950. The land, leased from the Grand Trunk Railway for 5 years at $25 per year, was later purchased from the CNR for $1,000.The first annual meeting at the Club on April 10, 1922.

November 24, 1922 – A group of 27 sportswomen gathered at the new club and unanimously agreed to form the Ladies’ Pointe Claire Curling Club. Mrs. G. Parke was elected as the first president.

February 1, 1926 – The Ewing Trophy was donated by Sam Ewing for a competition that began that season.

1930-1931 – The Helliwell Trophy was donated for use in Club competition to encourage the build-up of strong rinks for outside competitions.

October 1934 – J.L.V. Mallette, PCCC President in 1925-27, was elected President of the Canadian Branch of the Royal Caledonia Curling Club.

October 9, 1945 – At the Semi-Annual Meeting, Club members authorized the incorporation of the Pointe Claire Curling Club under Part III of the Quebec Companies Act.

January 5, 1946 – PCCC celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a 5-day Bonspiel won by a Montreal West rink skipped by M.F. "Mac" MacKay (Ross MacKay’s father). Mac defeated Pointe Claire’s Nap Mallette in a 14-end final.

April 1946 – An exceptionally warm spring resulted in the natural ice being lost and necessitated that the final PCCC games be played at other City Clubs. "Green" Singles winner Roland Desrochers who rejoined PCCC in 1989 (after a 40-year absence), was one of the members who played his games at another club. At the Annual Meeting, held on April 15th, approval was given to install artificial ice. Club members did most of the bull work, including the removal of the top layer of earth and its replacement with 3 railroad carloads of cinders (with the help of a horse and scoop, of course).

1947-1948 – The land on which the building is now located was purchased from the Beaconsfield Golf Club for $3,000.

October 10, 1953 – A "sod-raising" ceremony was held to mark the start of construction of the new "Rink".

October 15, 1954 – At the Semi-Annual Meeting, the Building Committee – Stu Steele, Doug Miller and Jim Wright – announced that the new facilities were 99% complete, and that curling could start on November 8th.The present building was officially opened on November   6th during a gala mixed evening featuring curling, cocktails and a buffet supper. The Building Committee Chairman reported that the cost of the new rink   would be approximately $103,000, slightly over the original estimates, due to unforeseen alterations and design changes.

1956-1957 – The bar in the Hack Room was dismantled and all of the fixtures were moved to the men’s Lounge on the first floor.

January 5, 1957 – A rink of Scots – Jock Waugh, Norman Tod, Jimmy Alexander, Willie Wilson and Bill McNamara – curling across Canada in competition for the Strathcona Cup, received a royal welcome including a police escort with wailing sirens, a drive through the Village, and an impressive entrance into the clubhouse under an arch of crossed brooms. The Scots were so appreciative of the hospitality of Club Members that they were determined to commemorate their visit to Pointe Claire. They entered into negotiations with the PCCC Executive which culminated in the presentation of the "Guests’ Cup" to the Club, intended to be used for an annual competition under unusual rules of play. Thus began one of the unique traditions of the Pointe Claire Curling Club.

April 1962 – J.G. Pattee, President of PCCC 1955-56, President of the Canadian Branch of the Royal Caledonia Curling Club 1957-58, was elected President of the Dominion Curling Association, which was the forerunner of the current Canadian Curling Association.

January 1964 – On the 18th of January, the "Friendly Giants" – Ernie Nash, with Walter Karabin, Bill Reade, and Gordon Hubbell won the first major curling competition for the PCCC - the Royal Victoria Jubilee Trophy.

April 1968 – The first Air Canada Silver Broom was held in the Pointe Claire arena, the culmination of efforts of curlers throughout the Montreal area, spearheaded by our own Ted Pattee and Larry Marsh. President Bill Higginson and a special committee hosted many of the social events for all the teams and their supporters. Each of the local clubs had adopted a team – ours was Scotland. At a dinner in their honour, Scotland’s Lor Bruce proposed a toast using the proper stance, one foot on a chair and the other on the table!

October 1971–Apr. 72 – PCCC celebrated its 50th anniversary. This was a year to remember with Howie Neville as Anniversary Chairman, and Howard Kelly and Shirley Bradford as Club Presidents. What a season, preserved forever in "The Turn of the Mill" by Arnie Jones and the October issue of "The Booze and Comical". The "Windmill Twins" paintings by Lorne Bouchard were commissioned to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Club. At the time, the PCCC and the City each owned one-half of both paintings.  These wonderful works of art hang in the Club during the curling season and in Stewart Hall for the balance of the year. (Note: the Club purchased the City’s halves of the paintings in 2002).

1973 –  The Senate was founded by Howie Neville, Honorary Member and Past President.

1977 – The property to the west of the Club was sold and a portion of the Clubhouse leased to the City of Pointe Claire with the proviso that a Lawn Bowling Club be organized and developed. The funds realized were sufficient to pay-off the building loan of the time.

September 28, 1990 – Pointe Claire members celebrated the completion of the pipe replacement project, whereby a group of members did the work of replacing the old leaky iron pipes with new ones made of polyethylene.

1991 – The Provincial Senior Ladies’ Championship was won by Joan MacKay,  Audrey Avon, Maggie Fleig and Madeleine Golden. The Provincial Senior Men’s Championship was won by Dave Moon, Jim Bateman, Doug Hanson and Jack Ride. Jim Redston, Don Ross, Kevin Golberg and Tom Golberg won the Royal Victoria Jubilee Trophy.

1993 – PCCC hosted the Quebec Provincial Playdowns. The Pointe Claire rink of Bill Rothwell, Jack Ride, Dale Hunt and Gerry Bolen won the right to represent Quebec at the Nationals in Edmonton. At the Quebec Provincial Senior Ladies Playdowns, a Ladies PCCC rink of Joan MacKay, Sandra Sykes, Mary Callaghan, and Audrey Avon, also earned the right to represent Quebec at the National Senior Ladies Competition in Edmonton. Don Ross and Jim Redston skipped two rinks of PCCC members – Tom Golberg, Ken Kubesh, Denis Morin, Kevin Golberg, Jeff Hunt and Martin Brosseau to victory at the prestigious “GG’s” – The Governor-General’s competition at Ottawa.

1996 – Jim Redston and his team of Kevin Golberg, Don McConnell and Guy Racette won the Branch "Jubilee" trophy – Jim for the second time in 1997-98. A very successful celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the PCCC and LPCCC was held with Bill McMurchie and Freda Stewart as co-chairs, and Jim Best and Sharon Flaherty as Club Presidents.

1998 – Dave Moon, Bill McMurchie, Bob Suderman, and Wally Denver won the Royal Victoria Jubilee. The "Senators at Play" painting by Paul Rupert was commissioned by the Senate to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Senate by Howie Neville. On the 11the of February, 1998, the CompuGroup, formed by Pete Avon, held its first meeting.

1999 – Dave Moon, Doug Hanson, Mitchell Kyle and Bill McMurchie won the Provincial Masters. The PCCC website was started by Roger Wuilleumier of the PCCC CompuGroup.

2000 – Under the direction of Eddie Power, major renovations were made to the ceiling, lightling, humidity control, and the circulation pump inside the ice shed. The Provincial men’s senior trophy was won by Don Aitken,  Doug Hanson, Brian Ross and Bob Suderman. Glenmore and PCCC hosted its First World Curling tour event, in the form of the Scotia Mcleod / Scotia Trust Montreal Open. Evan Vost became the new Club Manager on August 26th of that year.

2001 –  The Branch’s Lord Elgin Trophy was won by Don Aitken, Doug Hanson, Brian Ross and Bob Suderman. The Branch’s Men’s Senior Trophy was won by Dave Moon, Doug Hanson, Bob Suderman and Don McConnell.

2002 – The PCCC bought the City of Pointe Claire’s two halves of the “Windmill Twins” paintings, and now owns them outright.  The Branch’s  Lord Elgin Trophy was won by Don Aitken, Keith Kobelt, Brian Ross and Bob Suderman. The Governor-General’s Trophy was won in Ottawa by the PCCC rinks of Don Aitken, Doug Hanson, Brian Ross and Bob Suderman, and Bruce Lerner, Bill Ellyett, Derek Harris and Chris Bowen. Peter Laekas became the Club Manager in September.

2003 –  The Canadian Open Master Men’s Championship was won by Dave Moon, Mac Baines, Bob Suderman and Don McConnell. It’s believed that this is the first time a rink from PCCC has won a National Canadian Championship. The Branch’s  Lord Elgin Trophy was won by Don Aitken, Keith Kobelt, Brian Ross and Bob Suderman. Dave Moon was elected President of the Branch. This is the first time in many years that a PCCC curler had been so elected. Diane Harris was elected the first Lady President of PCCC. On January 22nd, the PCCC played host to three of seven rinks from Scotland, competing against Canadian rinks in the 100th anniversary of the Strathcona Cup. Pete Avon was elected Honorary Member of the Branch.

2004–2005 – Air conditioning was installed in the lounge and in the upstairs hall.  The Provincial  Masters was won by Dave Moon, Claude Bellefleur, Bob Suderman and Don McConnell. The Branch’s Jubilee ‘A’ Trophy is considered the single rink championship of the Canadian Branch.  It was won by Dave Moon,  Bruce Lerner, Bill Ellyett and Mike Parker. The  Branch's  Lord Elgin Trophy was won by Don Aitken, Keith Kobelt, Don Ross, Brian Ross and Bob Suderman. The Royal   Victoria  Jubilee Trophy, instituted in 1899, was won by Russell Haliburton, Gerry Yuskowski, Bob Dods and Jack Kelly. Howie Neville, Honorary Member, Past President and Senate Founder, passed away.

2006 – Russell Haliburton was elected this year’s President of the Canadian Branch of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. Diane Harris, PCCC Past President, played third for Agnes Charette’s Brownsburg Curling Club rink, winners of the Quebec Senior Ladies title.
TV cameras and monitors were installed in the ice shed covering all three sheets. A board resolution was passed recommending that a member of the Ladies’ PCCC club sit as a permanent member of the board, as Director at Large. Incoming LPCCC President Gloria Dickinson was appointed for 2006-07.

2007 –  The Royal Montreal Curling Club’s Bicentennial Trophy was won by the PCCC team of Don Ross, Diane Harris, Michael Macey, Derek Harris, Russell Haliburton and Kevin Golberg. The Runner-Up was the PCCC Rink of Don Aitken, Doug Hanson, Brian Ross and Bob Suderman. The event marked the 200th anniversary of the Royal Montreal Curling Club, North America’s oldest sports’ club. The Trophy is only contested every 25 years.

2008 – The Provincial Masters was hosted by Pointe Claire in February. Three curlers from PCCC – Bruce Lerner, Bill Ellyett, and (sub) Karl Murovic, teamed with Mike Carson and Mac Baines (Glenmore) to win the Championship, and represented Quebec at the Canadian Masters Championship in Saskatoon.

2009 – The PCCC and LPCCC agreed to merge. All the members of the LPCCC thus became members of the PCCC, effective May 13, 2010, at the PCCC AGM. The PCCC won all three of the Branch’s Royal Victoria Jubilee. The winners of the Royal Jubilee Trophy were Kevin Golberg, Bruce Lerner, Matthew Kennerknecht and Bill Ellyett; the winners of the Royal Caledonian Trophy were Don Aitken, Dave Moon, Brian Ross and Bob Suderman; the winners of the St. Lawrence Trophy were Jim Redston, Russell Haliburton, Bob Jackson and Gerry Yuskowski.  Mark Golden and Hu Whitehead were both granted Honorary Memberships.

2010 – Audrey Avon was granted Honourary Membership. The Pointe Claire Curling Club was named Best Curling Club in Quebec, by Curling Quebec.

2011-2012 –  The Royal Victoria Jubilee ‘B’ Event was won by Don Aitken, Bill Ellyett, Matthew Kennerknecht and Tyler Cooper. For the first time, the Club had the services of a Club Professional, Jerome Gazdewich, who successfully led three clinics and held private lessons. The Club stones were in-house sanded and new handles were installed. The number of rinks in the Lanthier was expanded from 18 to 24. A change in the Club By-Laws eliminated the position of Second Vice President and reduced the number of Directors from 16 to 15. The Senators won the Interclub Trophy for the first time.
2012-2013 – The Strathcona Cup Tour has taken place every year since 1903, alternating between Canada and Scotland, which means it comes to Canada every 10 years. In 2013, the PCCC was one of the clubs on the tour. What was significant in 2013 is that one of the visiting Scots was Harry Waugh, the son of Jock Waugh, a member of the 1957 Strathcona Tour rink that played in the PCCC and gave us the Guests’ Cup in appreciation.  This cup is one of our club’s most treasured trophies. The visitors were given a royal welcome and banquet.

A significant update of the club bar was made during the summer of 2012, funded primarily by anonymous donations from numerous club members.

The following team won the Branch Colts circuit championship in 2012 – Skip Bernie Filiatrault, Third Hugues Demol, Second Neil Gargul, and Lead Steve Janidlo.

Two 25-year pins were presented at the Opening Dinner, 2013, to Bev Kranitz and Lorrie Pinsonneault.

2013 - 2014 - The PCCC won the Quebec Challenge Trophy from the Metcalf Curling Club in Ontario at the start of the season and successfully defended it until we lost it to the Sherbooke Curling Club near the end of the season. Numerous games were played and numerous Club members made up the various teams. This is one of, if not the oldest, Branch Trophy. It dates back to 1874. It may be the oldest for inter-club play in North America.

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