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Our 4th defense March 16, 2014 at PCCC

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Sheet 81 PCCC Sheet 83 Sherbrooke

Photos by Bob Rondeau
Text by Bill Arnold

Club de Curling Sherbrooke challenged Pointe Claire on Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 4 PM. Ideal conditions for curling with a crisp blue sky with outdoor temperature approximating minus 10 °C and ice shed temperature of plus 4 °C. The ice had been pebbled and nipped.

Opening ceremonies were officiated by Gerry Yuskowski and Russ Haliburton. The Presidents of both clubs were present: Keith Mallette from Pointe Claire and Jean Langevin (playing) from Sherbrooke. The club house was full and there was a sense of excitement in the air. The match was two teams from each club, ten ends, stacking of brooms after 5 ends and total points to determine the winner.

Sherbrooke, being the elder club (1880) was awarded the blue stones, with Pointe Claire (1921) playing the red stones. The four leads met at the bar and, fortified with a wee dram of whiskey, tossed for 1st end throwing position – Pointe Claire won the toss and elected to throw  last with the hammer.

Teams were on the ice at 4 PM – the Sherbrooke teams, despite not having the hammer, won the first end by stealing 1 point on each sheet. After 5 ends and the stacking of the brooms, the scores were: Sheet 1 – Red stones 5, Blue stones 2; Sheet 3 – Red stones 6, Blue Stones 1.

All four teams retired to the clubhouse for refreshments and snacks.

Back on the ice at approximately 6 PM, ice conditions had changed, with the momentum shifting to the Blue stones. After 9 ends the scores were: Sheet 1 – Blues stones down by 2 points; Sheet 2 – Blue stones and Red stones tied. In the 10th end Red stones held the hammer, with both skips drawing to the 4 foot for the win. Final score:  Sheet 1 – Red stones/Blue stones tied at 7 points each. Sheet 2 - Blue stones 9, Red stones 8.    Sherbrooke was declared the winner by 1 point.

Teams congratulated each other for the fine match and retired to the club lounge area for a post-game libation. Everyone was ushered to the upper floor dining room for an excellent St. Patrick’s Day meal of a green salad and Guinness Beef Stew.

Following the meal, teams returned to the lounge for photographs and the ceremonial passing of the Cup. Pointe Claire member Quinnton Zorzes began the ritual of passing the cup among the 16 players; after 5 complete rounds, Quinnton finished the Cup with a flourish. All, with festivities winding down in the late evening, had a great day. The Quebec Challenge Cup left Pointe Claire bound for Sherbrooke who will strongly defend their right to hold the Cup.

 A special thank you to the organizers and volunteers who made this event so special.


Teams: Pointe Claire:        Dave Moon, Quinnton Zores, Brian Francis, Ron Torrens

                                        Ray Giguère, Bill Arnold, Gary Hiscock, Bob Rondeau

             Sherbrooke:             Jean Langevin, Marc Paradis, Claude Lemieux, Gérald Lemieux

                                                Richard Lacroix, Dominic Gilbert, Donald Boivin, Alain Beauchesne

Just one more...

A fourth victory on February 8!


Well we once again successfully defended the Challenge Cup. That is 4 different Challenges with different players each time. Very cool. We defeated the Manotick Curling Club out of Ottawa with the following teams.

Left to Right Back Row:
2nd Andy Hall, 1st Mike Wroblewski, 3rd David Ward and Skip Don Richardson

Left to Right Front Row:
1st Geoff Smith, 2nd Ken Aitchison, Skip Marty Starr and 3rd Ron O'Shaughnessy.

Both games became runaways and both Manotick teams surrendered after 8 ends.

Photo courtesy Al Ward

A third victory on January 19!

L-R: Léo Leblanc, Marc Lefebvre, Ray Ouimet, John Race, Bob Panet, Brian Ross, Kevin Golberg, Al Ward
Both Pointe Claire teams were down by 1 point to Ottawa at the 5th end break,but both teams came back strong in the latter half and won handily. At 2 points up, Al scored a 3 in the 10th end to win by 5 points and Kevin, being up 4 going into the 10th, simply ran his opposition out of stones. A good time was had by all. 

Photo courtesy of GerryYuskowski

Fresh from their victory* against the Metcalfe Curling Club on November 9, 2013, our two PCCC teams were ready to defend the Cup against Huntingdon CC:

(Next challenge will be from the Ottawa Hunt Club, possibly on Jan. 19)

A second victory!

This Quebec Challenge Cup game was played on January 4.


Courtesy Wayne Arnold


The score at the Broom-stacking hints at the outcome...

Courtesy Bob Rondeau
The Challengers from the Huntingdon Curling Club:
Courtesy Wayne Arnold

*We were able to grab a snapshot of three of the Nov. 9 participants with the Cup, taken just before the January 4 defence of the Cup against Huntingdon:

In this photo: Tom Labelle, Matt Kennerknecht, Kelso Mallette.
Unavailable for the photo were:
Don Aitken, Bruce Lerner, H.A., Bob Suderman, Rick Stanton

The Kennerknecht game ended up tied at 10 and the Aitken game was won by a margin of 5 points
In this photo, (l to r): Bruce Lerner, Matt Kennerknecht, Kelso Mallette, Rick Stanton, Tom Labelle.
Not available for the photo: Don Aitken, Bob Suderman, H.A.
Photos courtesy Bob Rondeau



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