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  The Pointe Claire Curling Club is committed to an intensive education and information program for its members and public users of the club.

In addition to the competitive leagues, the club offers a series of options to improve the skills of curlers, ranging from education and information leagues such as the Lanthier, Mixed, Senators and Day Ladies, to Skills Development Clinics, a comprehensive Junior program, a basic learn-to-curl program known as Curling 101, dedicated practice times and public rentals complete with mandatory coaching and supervision by qualified instructors.

The education and information Leagues include mandatory pre-game instructional lessons given by qualified experienced curlers followed by games where the particular skills learned can be practised. The more experienced curlers are asked to mentor newer curlers during these sessions, both on and off the ice. The pre-game lessons may be drawn from the PCCC Advanced Instruction Program Manual or from other sources relating to the topic for the given week. The more competent participants are encouraged to draw from their curling experience to supplement the formal instruction for the benefit of the less-practised, newer participants. As curling is an Olympic sport, there may often be the need to include a competitive component to these sessions; however, the emphasis of the Lanthier, Mixed, Senators and Day Ladies education and information programs must be on the improvement of the skill levels of those participating. Participants, both experienced and novice, must realize the primary importance of education and information when signing up for these programs.

Skills Development Clinics are offered throughout the year, with more general skills covered at the start of the season and more specific subjects covered throughout the season. Both new and more experienced curlers are invited to participate. In addition, monthly skills competitions – the Points Competition – are offered, allowing all curlers to practise specific curling shots.

The weekly Junior program gives youth between the ages of 7 and 17 the opportunity to learn and develop their curling skills under the guidance of nationally certified curling instructors. These participants are also given the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive matches, at all times supervised by their coaches.

Curling 101 is promoted to the public at large, offering six-week sessions of both off-ice and on-ice training by certified instructors, allowing them to the opportunity to develop their skills without having to commit to full-season education and information programs.

Daily dedicated practice times are made available, both in the morning and late afternoon, so that curlers, both experienced and novice, may practise and improve their skill levels. More experienced curlers are encouraged to mentor newer curlers during these sessions. In order to ensure the safety of those participating, practising alone is not permitted.

The club makes time available for the public to rent the ice and a certified instructor is assigned to the group to teach safety and basic instruction both before and when the group has taken to the ice. The instructor then supervises the group throughout the rental to help perfect their skills and ensure their safety and enjoyment. Feedback is requested from rental groups in order to survey their appreciation of the instruction provided.

The continual improvement of the skill levels of its members and club users is of prime importance to the Pointe Claire Curling Club and, as part of an ongoing process, the club will continue to improve and enhance its Education and Information programs to that end.

We encourage feedback so that we can maintain the highest performance in this area.