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Ladies All Star Curling League



The Ladies All Star Curling League 2023 Weekly Results


Women’s teams from around Montreal play at various clubs on Fridays from October thru December. Round robin format with three divisions (All Star, A and B). Teams are promoted or relegated at the end of each season depending on their win/loss record.

Anyone wishing to submit a team for the following season must inform the president of the league by mid March. Challenges will take place between mid-March and mid-April depending on the availability of ice.

Please contact:

Debby Ship
President Ladies All Star Curling League
  • There are 2-3 sections in this league (All Stars, Section A, Section B) with 7-9 teams in each section. Total limit for the All Star League is 24 teams.
  • All members must belong to a curling club in the Province of Quebec.
  • Either a 4-woman team or a 4-woman team plus a designated substitute (D.S.) team are permitted. Composite rinks for All Star play are accepted.
  • The fees for 2022 were $50.00 per member (includes the December closing luncheon). Designated substitutes pay normal entry fees.
  • New teams come in at the bottom and work their way up.
  • Except where several teams leave the league or the league is not full, there will be only 2 new teams admitted in any given year. If more than 2 teams wish to join, they must compete against each other to determine the 2 winners who will compete against the two lowest ranking teams in last section of the league. The format of this challenge will be determined by the Executive Committee dependent on the number of new teams and the number of openings in the league.