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Information about the Senate and its activities

The 'Senate' was founded in 1973 by eight retired members.

Senators are curlers who sign up to play in any of the three afternoon leagues called Mac Lecompte (on Tuesdays), Proudfoot (on Thursdays), and Neville (on Fridays).

The Mac Lecompte trophy is a team trophy and was introduced in 1986. Each month, new teams are formed. Points are accumulated by each participant throughout the whole curling season. At the end of the season, the sixteen players with the most points are formed into rinks (based on a democratic formula, of course) and play for the trophy.

The Charles Proudfoot trophy dates from 1979. 'Charlie' presented it to the Senators on the occasion of his retirement. The season is divided into two halves and the top winners of each half play for the trophy at the end of the season.

The Howie Neville trophy, another team trophy, was given to the Senators to recognize the contribution which Howie had made as the founder of the "Senate" and in many other functions at the Club. The season is divided into two halves, the top four players of the first half playing the top four players of the second half, for the trophy.